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More from the Lincoln Pasadena family Little Flower Candy Co.


Coconut Lavender Pancakes                            $11.50

lavender pancakes, whipped coconut cream, coconut coffee kanten, toasted coconut, and lavender syrup


Avocado Nori Toast                                           $10.00

sourdough levain, nori, smoked mozzarella, smashed avocado, preserved lemon, fried garlic, togaroshi, garlic oil

add poached egg                                                $2.50


Chicken Soba Salad                                          $14.00

grilled chicken, soba, cabbage, radicchio, carrot, edamame, ginger soy vinaigrette, black radish, yuzu kosho salt, shiso



Daily Quiche — $8.85 w/ greens
Daily Soup — $6.45

Passionfruit Lemonade — $4.50

Honey Cardamom Latte





Little Flower